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CGS Photo Album

venturi scrubbers,wet scrubbers,packed towers,gas absorbers
multi-venturi scrubbers,wet scrubbers,packed towers,gas absorbers
VENTRISCRUB System with platforms and ladders for a Tissue Paper Machine Exhaust in Ohio.   MULTISCRUB-V S02 Absorption Tower & Stack, over 200 ft. tall, handling Lime Sludge Kiln/ESP exhaust at a Pulp & Paper Mill in Georgia.

hexagonal collector,wet scrubbers,packed towers,gas absorbers
Twin cyclone,wet scrubbers,packed towers,gas absorbers
quad cyclone,wet scrubbers,packed towers,gas absorbers
20000 ACFM CG-WESP with 6" Hexagonal Collector achieves zero opacity at a Plant in Massachusetts
Interior of a Hexmesh lined Twin Cyclone (before installation of refractory) for a Steel Plant in Indiana.
Large High Temperature/High Pressure Twin & Quad Cyclones are collecting Coal Dust in Western USA.

multi-venturi scrubber
twin high efficiency cyclone collectors
MULTISCRUB-H cleaning 125000 ACFM Recovery Furnace Exhaust at a Pulp & Paper Mill in Eastern Canada.
60000 ACFM MULTISCRUB-H with an adjustable deck for a Building Products Plant in Illinois.
Twin High Efficiency Cyclone for a Chemical Dryer Exhaust at a plant in California.

venturi scubbers,air pollution control systems
high efficiency cyclone collectors
wet scrubbers,packed towers
VENTRISCRUB/Absorber System in Hastelloy/FRP construction to handle Incinerator Exhausts @ 2200°F at various locations.
Six complete Systems with Cyclones & Venturi Scrubbers for Silos & Conveyor Transfer Points at a DRI Plant in Trinidad.
Centriscrub-D Scrubber System with Fan, Support, Access Platforms, Cross Walks and Stack for a Detergent Plant in Kentucky.

Quad cyclone collectors
multi venturi scrubbers,odor control systems
venturi scrubbers,cyclone collectors
Two CG-WESP's, Each Size: 100, Quad Cyclones & Multiventuri Scrubbers for Chromate Calciner Kiln Exhausts in Texas.
MULTISCRUB/Absorber System for Dust and Odor Control at a Meat Rendering Plant in Missouri.
Six Cyclone & Venturi Scrubber Systems handling Furnace Discharge Gases at a DRI Plant in Trinidad.

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