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CGS Photo Album

gas absorbers, packed towers,odor control sytems
dynascrub,multi-venturi scrubbers
Cross flow abosorbers, air pollution control system,odor control systems
Four skid mounted Gas Absorption Systems with Fans, Piping & Controls supplied to South America.
DYNASCRUB-II Wet Fan Scrubbers of various sizes are installed in Pulp & Paper and other industries, worldwide.
Four oversized Cross Flow Absorbers/Coolers purifying Dryer Exhausts at a Corn/Grain Processing Plant in Mid-West, USA.

venturi scrubbers,high efficiency cyclone collectors
dynascrubbers,high efficiency cyclone collectors
gas absorbers,dust collection,packed towers
Six complete Cyclone and VENTRISCRUB Systems at a Pelletizing Facility in North East USA
Over 150 Cyclones and DYNASCRUB-I Scrubbers supplied to a single leading Cereal Company's Plants, worldwide.
One of several Systems handling Sludge Dryer Exhaust for Dust Removal and Gas Absorption in Maryland.

venturiscrub,dust collection systems,odor control system
multiscrub absorption system, gas absorbers,packed towers
wet scrubbers,odor control systems,packed towers
Six large VENTRISCRUB-HV Systems with 150 ft. tall stacks and platforms for removing Fiber, Dust and Gaseous Pollutants in Ohio.
Several complete MULTISCRUB-V SO2 Absorption Systems handling Boiler & Furnace Exhausts in Taiwan and India.
CENTRISCRUB and MULTISCRUB-RV Scrubbers for Starch/Gluten Dryers in Iowa, Illinois and Korea.

dust collection system, wet scrubbers,odor control systems
packed towers, gas absorbers,air pollution control systems
dyna scrub,dust collection systems
MULTISCRUB-C Scrubber System collecting fine Ceramic Dust at a plant in Pennsylvania.
FRP Packed Tower and Gas Absorption System Components for Chemical Plants in Texas and New Guinea (Australia).
DYNASCRUB-II being shipped to Mexico for Dust & TRS Removal.

venturiscrub,high efficiency cyclone systems, gas absorbers
ACFM multiscrub,dust collection systems
13 ft. diameter VENTRISCRUB-HV with volute inlet, Single & Quad Cyclones are in operation at a PVC & PE Manufacturing Plant in Texas.
105000 ACFM MULTISCRUB-H being shipped to a Castings Plant in Illinois.

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