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CGS Photo Album

dynascrub, multi-venturi scrubbers
centriscrub,air pollution control system
air pollution control system
DYNASCRUB-III with Multiventuri Inlet, Wet Fan & Separator being shop assembled prior to shipment to an Iron Ore Facilty in India.
Mist Eliminator Vanes in a 14 ft. dia. CENTRISCRUB.
Typical shop assembled Skid with Piping, Valves, Instruments & Controls.

venturi scrubber,gas absorbed
hexagonal collector,air pollution control system
Cross flow odor control system
Venturi Scrubber, Gas Absorber & CG-WESP System in AL6XN/FRP construction for a Fluid Bed Carbon Regenerator Exhaust @ 2200°F in Arizona.
Hexagonal Collector Grid Assembly for two CG-WESP's each to handle 25000 ACFM Chromate Calciner Kiln Exhausts in Texas.
Portable skid mounted Cross FLow Odor Control System for a Boiler Exhaust in Hawaii.

high efficiency cyclone collectors
autodredge, packed towers,odor control systems
air pollution control system
A group of Fourteen Cyclones with Common Inlet and Outlet Plenums for a Food Products Plant in Illinois.
6000 gallon AUTODREDGE Primary Clarifier Tank for a Foundry in Illinois.
Four Large Systems with Hoods, Ducting, Supports, Scrubbers, Fans, Stacks, Piping & Controls handling Silos, Screens, Storage Building & Conveyor Transfer Points at a DRI Plant in Trinidad.

Dynascrub,packed towers,FGD
ACFM, dust collection system
air pollution control system
DYNASCRUB-II with a Wet Fan & Supports for a Dissolving Tank Vent Stack/Recovery Boiler process.
150000 ACFM MULTISCRUB-H inlet section with Adjustable Deck.
78" dia Wet Dynamic Fan with an Open Paddle Wheel for a DYNASCRUB-III.

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